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One on One Speed Dating for Vegetarian

Except normal One on One Speed Dating, we have some people who are vegetarians. Although, so many dating companies accept the idea of dating carnivores because the ratio of dating carnivores is greater than veggies in HK, and also some dating companies want to cast their romance nets as wide as possible. The reality is far different for the vegetarian, as kissing someone with barbecued food during breathing is always preferable to kissing someone with remnants of fillet steak in his or her teeth. Sadly, vegetarians are always outnumbered in the dating pool, a potential love interest always loses points the instant they order a steak meal on a first date. This single secret is reason why I recently hold a Veggie Speed Date events. Here are four lessons I have learned from the events that will help future vegetarian speed daters get off their couches and engage in a five-minute conversation with a stranger.

1. The vegan male-to-female ratio is not balanced, but it is not in the way you think

In the vegan community, there’s a commonly held belief that there are many more plant-based women than men. But nowadays, men are so caring for their health, even if they think that it is a good way to improve cardiovascular system. So, apparently, the next time someone asks where all the vegan men are, you can reply with, “At Macherie One on One Speed Dating.”

2. Vegans are nice

If the idea of going solo to One on One Speed Dating where you won’t hear any frightening sound, there is no way for you to fret because it’s not scary at all! One thing you learn almost instantly is that vegans like to know other vegans, which means conversation may start regardless of how introverted you are. Restaurant recommendation is always a good way to start talking to a stranger. During the course of choosing an eatery , someone can start to figure out where he or she lives. From this moment, you may then discuss traffic issues, parking problems,if any in a particular neighborhood,or perhaps talking about the best place in town to get headshots taken.

3. You may feel uncomfortable during the first few minute staying in a speed dating venue

You may experience a bit awkward because turning up at the such venue would tell the world that you are still single, you don’t want to change your status quo, and you have

completely exhausted every other means to meet someone. As all who come to speed dating venue have a common goal, there’s no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed of your singlehood.

4. You need to make the most use of your time

Sometimes you may experience staying in a sauna for five minutes is a long time, or staying for five minutes in sprinting on a treadmill is enough to make your legs burn for two days or spending five minutes at the Department of Motor Vehicles can feel like an eternity. But if you spend five minutes at speed dating venue, you may feel having spent only five seconds. In this time slot , most—if not all—conversation revolves around a person's occupation or how long he or she has been vegan. While these are important things to know about a potential mate, a stronger approach would be getting to know their view of life through his or her job and the personal likings. Conclusively through the five minute dialog and standardized question you may get to know how weird

someone is, for example, by having seven cats at home or by adding Bragg Liquid Amino on a plate of veggies?”


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